home & garden show wrap-up

the ouc home & garden show has come and gone. it was lots of work to prep for, set up, and get the design pieces done ahead of time, but was definetly a success.

i got to go home to ottawa for the weekend to see the show, as well as to celebrate my sister’s birthday. i packed light, so i have some iphone shots to share with you today!

welcome to the show! my dad cut out these wooden signs for the entrance, then my mom painted them to coordinate with the poster i had done for advertising.

The Home & Garden Show
This Way

the church was selling flowers and plants from laportes in ottawa as a fundraiser. they were so popular they sold out.

ouc flowers
ouc flowers

i set up the display for my dad’s woodcrafts. he is a cabinetmaker by trade, and has recently spent his spare time making birdhouses, drink caddies, letter trains and toy cars. have a look at the photos of his product. he is the most talented dude i know- tradesmen are just so skilled! i even picked up a birdhouse for myself- white with a copper roof made with my grandfather’s copper.

dean weatherston woodcrafts
dean weatherston woodcrafts
dean weatherston woodcrafts
dean weatherston woodcrafts
dean weatherston woodcrafts

i designed the first business card my dad has ever had for this show. his talent and word-of-mouth has always been enough for him to work with. they are super simple, but the great thing is that they’re printed by cards of wood on real oak. i thought this was a great touch for him since wood is the main material of everything he makes!

i also ended up selling some of the goodies my friend steph and i used to make when we were both living in ottawa. we had a registered business called lou&lau after our childhood nicknames, and sold at craft shows. we hand-silkscreened on american apparel tees, tanks and hoodies, as well as made jewellery using new and vintage material. check out some photos of my little table setup i snapped with my iphone .

laura weatherston
laura weatherston
laura weatherston
laura weathers ton

the last of the lou&lau merch, as well as dean weatherston‘s woodcrafts will be on sale june 14th from 10am-4pm at the parkdale united church in ottawa. 429 parkdale avenue.

hope to see you there!


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  1. Janet weatherston said:

    Love your photos – everything looks so lovely. Was going to post a comment, but couldn’t figure that out!

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