after watching sunday night’s televised trainwreck, also known as part 2 of the debate, my first reaction as a concerned canadian neighbour up north, was to cry (until i laughed) for america.

now that the shock has somewhat subsided, i thought, why not look around at some of the good things to have come from this debate, and election in general; most being design-related.

this jessica walsh and timothy goodman project: build kindness, not walls.


this video of the debate to the tune of ‘i’ve had the time of my life’ shows that the internet is truly a magical place.

the fact that #sniffles was trending; a very sad sign of what could possibly be in store for america.

this breakout star of the night: ken bone.




this fast company article that tries to solve which pantone colour donald trump’s face is.

this sagmeister & walsh project: pins won’t save the world


the now iconic identity developed by michael beirut that has taken on a life of its own at the hands of hillary’s design team, despite harsh criticism from the design community at the start.




lastly, that moment where trump referred to himself as a gentleman during the debate. comedy gold; we all know that’s not true.

i recently downloaded the adobe draw app and i can’t get enough! it’s the perfect app for play on my commute.

so far i’ve really only been lettering with it, but today it’s an illustration for a cause.

poor pancake pete. good thing i only like my mom’s pancakes! 

colouring > cooking for me! #happypancakeday 


with all the time i spend perusing instagram, i figured i would spend the time to round up some of my fave lettering posts from 2015.

here they are.

1/12 travis tritt lyrics.2/12 inspiring words from picasso. 3/12 wise words from dr. seuss. 4/12 tim hortons inspired illustration for #nationaldonutday. 5/12 lazy sunday type play. 6/12 train-inspired type on my via rail commute.7/12 inspired by a sir ken robinson ted talk i watched.  

8/12 watched the inside pixar by bloomberg & got inspired. 9/12 brush pen lettered some christmas cards with my tombow markets. 10/12 11/12 hand lettered the holiday staff party save the date.  12/12 hand lettered the holiday staff party invite. 

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