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a second set of the tragically hip tickets went on sale yesterday at 10 am, and i tried to buy,  with no luck. #sadcanadian

since no one will sell me a ticket, i spent some time unleashing my sadness with a pencil, then took to adobe illustator, to complete my lettering.

wheat kings is one of my fave songs by the hip, so i’m sharing the backdrop with you!


download phone backdrop: 1080 x 1920
download screen backdrop: 2560 x 1440



if there is one thing i am really proud of, and i mean by a lot, it is that i am canadian. there’s so much of canada that i’ve yet to discover, but i’m already so in love this place. it is home; in all senses of the word.

when i started following along with the news of the fires in fort mac, alberta, so many people were already displaced. they may have had to leave their brick and mortar homes, but canada is still their home; and canada is full of friendly neighbours. in a matter of days, canadians had donated more than $50 million dollars to canadian red cross, with the government matching all individual donations. i’ve seen the screens in the subway stations here in toronto advertising ways to text in your donations. it’s everywhere, and people are taking part.

without a pocket full of cash to send out to alberta, i’ve come up with a miniseries of 3 posters that can be printed and posted to try and rally more donations. might be nothing, but if they get even one person to donate a canadian loonie or toonie, it’s something.

happy sharing.


download lauraweatherston_fortmac-comeback|  download lauraweatherston_giveback-fortmac |  download lauraweatherston_supplyasnack-fortmaclauraweatherston_fortmac-comeback



my cousin kaitlin is getting married this september and she asked me to do the design work for her big day. she came to me for something hand-lettered, fun and floral. she knew she wanted to work the colour navy into the design, but everything else was pretty much decided as we went.

step 1 was hand-lettering, and lots of it. i always start my sketching with a black ink pen in my sketchbook, then photograph the sketch with my iPhone, send it to myself and photoshop the sketch. once i clean it up to my liking, i take it in to illustrator and make it a vector image so it’s scaleable. from here, it’s time to play with colour, layout and adding actual fonts to get the design down.

below are just some of the doodles i worked on while sketching out the concept. stay tuned to see the final product.


kaitlin + jason monogram
kaitlin + jason
kaitlin + jason
kaitlin + jason
kaitlin + jason
kaitlin + jason
kaitlin + jason
kaitlin + jason

happy sunday everyone!

today i hit the road with friends and we ventured out to the aberfoyle flea market to spend the day. it was chilly but at least we had sun and were able to enjoy a few hours of shopping outdoors. there were amazing things to be found and given a big budget, i could have easily furnished a whole street of homes.

after years of searching for a keeper, today i picked up a type tray for a bargain price of $25! i also got a W, H, I and a 2 to display on it once it’s hung on my wall. the third and last thing i picked up was an old wooden ruler for $5. i could have filled a monster sized truck and this will definetly be going on the calendar as a must attend event next year!

corkboardcreative_aberfoyle02 corkboardcreative_aberfoyle01

aberfoyle find: wooden ruler

mark your calendars… april 27, 2014 the market will reopen for the 2014 season. see you there!